A RAID Recovery Will Involve a Great Deal More Work Than a Single Hard Drive Recovery

People are often surprised to learn how expensive it is to recover the data on failed RAID volume. This can seem especially true when compared to the cost of recovering a similar amount of data from a single failed hard drive. There are many reasons why recovering data from a failed raid volume is necessarily expensive. In-depth understanding of RAID structure and process is essential in rebuilding failed raid volumes, however this knowledge and the experience based on it are hard to find and consequently expensive to employ. It is also the case that the sheer manpower required is far greater for a RAID volume. Every single individual hard drive within the RAID array must be cloned, this will of course involve repairing or working around the failure issues that caused the RAID to crash in the first place. The individual hard drives must then be analysed using a hex editor to determine the RAID parameters before the rebuild itself can even begin. Once the volume has been reassembled the lost data has to be located and verified. The typical RAID recovery job will take at least four times as long as a similar sized recovery from an individual hard drive. By definition Raid volumes tend to store information that is critical to their users, that is why they used a RAID in the first place. It is therefore essential to trust only professionals who are experienced in RAID data recovery when it comes to getting that vital data back.